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As a Greek DJ in Sydney, I have had the privilege of providing entertainment at countless weddings and other special events. As someone who is deeply immersed in both the Greek culture and the Sydney music scene, I am uniquely qualified to bring a special energy and authenticity to these occasions.

One thing that sets Greek weddings apart is their lively and energetic atmosphere. From the traditional dancing to the joyous celebration with friends and family, there is a truly electric energy in the air. As a DJ, it is my job to keep that energy going all night long with a carefully curated selection of music.

Of course, Greek music is a central part of any Greek wedding, and I always make sure to include a healthy mix of classic and contemporary hits. From the traditional bouzouki sounds of Greece to the more modern pop and electronic beats, I have something for every taste and generation.

But a Greek wedding is also a chance for people from all different backgrounds to come together and celebrate, and I always make sure to include a variety of music from around the world as well. From Latin hits to the latest Top 40 hits, I strive to keep the dance floor packed and the party going all night long.

As a Greek DJ in Sydney, I am constantly amazed by the vibrant and diverse Greek community in this city. Being a part of these weddings and special events is a truly unique and rewarding experience, and I am honored to be able to contribute to the joy and celebration of these occasions.

So if you are planning a Greek wedding in Sydney and are in need of a DJ who understands and can bring the energy of your culture to life, I encourage you to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to discuss your musical needs and help make your special day truly unforgettable.

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Greek Wedding Entertainment DJ and Greek Singer Sydney

Greek Entertainment Sydney
Greek DJ Sydney. Greek entertainment is the most important part of any wedding outside of the bride and groom.

Greek DJ Sydney (DJ Kosta), is the only Greek DJ in Sydney that is a professional singer as well. With or without a band or bouzouki player, Kosta can bring the feeling of a live concert right into your wedding reception, that will provide unique entertainment and engage all of your guests.

DJ Kosta is will work with you to ensure that every request and fine detail is delivered on the night. Entertainment at a Greek wedding plays a key parts and Kosta completely understands this playing at over 500 weddings.

Dj Kosta can tailor the program to deliver exactly what every couple is looking for. The entertainment choice for your event could start from only a solo performer (DJ), bouzouki player, band, light show, photo booth or anything related to your special day.

For Greek wedding entertainment, Greek DJ Sydney can provide you with musicians who offer everything from the modern music from Kalamatiana, Zebekika, Syrta, Soustes, Nisiotika or any other style.

Greek DJ Sydney will also work along side your guests, if that is what you like and take requests from both your favourite Greek singers and your guests favourite Greek singers to be sure that not only you, but all your loved ones end up hearing the best Greek music on your wedding day.

Check for availability or any further enquiries by clicking here.

Greek Wedding DJ and Entertainment

Greek Dj Sydney Dj Kosta Wedding Entertainment

Greek Wedding Entertainment

Greek / English Music Wedding DJ

Kosta Sifniotis (Dj Kosta) has been a wedding DJ / Singer and I pride in what I offer and deliver. Entertaining a large audiance at any event is challenging and it must be done right for the night to be a success, Greek Entertainment is a step harder yet again, as the entertainer needs to have a sound understanding of the different types of Greek music that the audience may expect to hear depending on what part of Greece they are from.

Dj Kosta is an Australian born Greek who is fluent in both Greek and English and has many years experience in providing at Greek Entertainment across Australia.

When it comes to the music, we always offer our customers the chance to create a playlist of their favourite Greek / English songs. This ensures we play the exact music required on the day or we are just as happy to work with the feel of the night and deliver to what the crowd responds to.

As an established and highly regarded Greek entertainer, both DJ and Singer, I can assure you that high quality Greek entertainment is what you will get from me, whether it is me personally at your function or one of my small number of hand picked Djs.

If you are arranging your special day in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia or the world and you are looking for high end Greek entertainment then be sure to contact me either by email or phone and I will happily take the time to explain how our Greek DJ can help create perfect memories


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